Project „Alternative Ways to Address Youth (AWAY)”

On 16 January 2017, the PDJS has started implementation of the project „Alternative Ways to Address Youth (AWAY)”, co-funded by the European Union REC Program under project number JUST/2015/RCHJ/AG/PROF/9589. The project has received funding of an amount of 341 455.49 Euro and its closing date is 31 December 2018.

AWAY project aims to raise awareness on diversion, a restorative method in juvenile justice so that children in conflict with the law to benefit from improved access to diversion through multi-disciplinary evidence-based child-friendly practices. виж още


On 9 December 2016, the PDJS has started implementation of the project „Legal Persons’ Liability for Abuse of EU Funds in Bulgaria: A Comparison with Other EU States”. The action has received funding from the European Union of an amount of 31 809.60 Euro. The closing date is 31 December 2017.

With this project the PDJS tries to respond to the 2015 OLAF Report where Bulgaria is ranked among the member states with the highest financial impact of detected irregularities in the use of EU funds. виж още

“Civil Oversight of the Prosecutor’s Office Capacity to Investigate Corruption Crimes” project

Project activities:

1. Establishment of a joint consultative body comprised of the PDJS Association’s project team and representatives of the Prosecutor’s Office, in order to validate the results from the oversight. This is the main reason why the envisioned project activities begin with its establishment. The powers of the consultative body include making decisions on issues such as:
1.1. Development of a methodology regulating the implementation of the civil oversight at the local prosecutor’s offices.
1.2. Development of selection criteria and a training curriculum.
1.3. Discussion on the final draft of the analysis.
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“Attorneys in Protection of Child Rights” project

This project’s goal is to guarantee protection of the best interests of children participating in judicial procedures and to ensure that Bulgaria’s judicial system administers justice tailored to the specific needs of children. The specific project goals are:
 - providing specialisation for attorneys in child friendly justice, similar to the specialisation for magistrates;
 - developing and delivering pilot trainings for attorneys, which will ensure better protection of the rights of children, participating in judicial procedures;
 - ensuring sustainability of the proposed specialisation of attorneys in the child justice filed through establishing mechanisms for selection of specialised attorneys to represent children participating in judicial procedures. виж още

PROJECT "Improving access to justice for children"

Project: Improving access to justice for children victims and witnesses of crime, children in conflict with the law and their families

In 2013 the Government of Republic of Bulgaria approved the Concept of state policy in the area of Justice for children, which gives new approach to children in contact with the justice system based on their fundamental rights. The document complies with the international law standards. However there currently operated legal and institutional framework is inappropriate in relation to the implementation of international legal standards. The lack of specialization among magistrates imposed system of random selection of judges to apply in cases involving children. Penalties is still an essential tool for the treatment of children, which puts them in conflict with the law. виж още

The SDUI project

“Sustainable Development and Unity Initiative” project

In the course of the “Sustainable Development and Unity Initiative” (SDUI) project, carried out by the PDJS Association with the financial support of the NGO Programme in Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009 – 2014..

The newest analysis of the civil society organisations in Eastern Europe carried out by the USAID in 2011 clearly notes that during the latest decade the NGO sector in Bulgaria still maintains low levels of financial and organisational stability. The problems affecting the NGO sector in the country are identified by both CIVICUS and the Open Society Institute in the 2008 – 2010 Bulgarian Civil Society Index. Occupation outside of regular working hours, lack of permanent staff, which can focus its work on organisational development, financial instability and dependency on project based financing are typical problems for the Bulgarian NGO sector as a whole and for the Program for the Development of the Judicial System (PDJS) Association in particular. Viewed in perspective, such problems prevent accomplishment the main goal of any NGO – to be independent and objective corrective in a civil society. виж още


The EIRENE project, named after the Greek goddess of peace, aims to promote the existence of a European Culture of Mediation through the design of efficient communication and awareness actions among citizens, academic societies and the business. It is funded by DG Justice of the European Commission and begins in December 2012. It will be implemented by the PDJS and partners from another 6 European countries: Spain, UK, Greece, Italy, Romania and Slovenia.

The specific project objectives are:
1. To improve knowledge of mediation and benefits of its use as an efficient and cost effective tool for conflict resolution between the selected groups;
2. To build culture of dialog and effective listening;
3. To achieve reduction in conflicts through the use of pre-conflict resolution tools;
4. To provide target groups with the appropriate tools to solve their problems and the understanding how conflicts escalate to situations where formal conflict resolution is required.

As one of the partners the PDJS will participate in the development and implementation of a marketing plan for promoting mediation, as well as in the development and dissemination of educational materials.

Information about the donor:

Official webpage of the European Commission: // виж още


The Accounting Skills for Judges in Insolvency Matters Project is funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and implemented by Program for the Development of the Judicial System (PDJS) Association in partnership with KPMG Bulgaria and the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). The increased number and complexity of insolvency cases in recent years prompted the need to increase the capacity of the court on specifics in the field. The statistics show that the number of cases in 2010 has increased by 100% compared to 2008. виж още

Enhancing Court Business Practices

The project *Enhancing Court Business Practices* is the logical continuation of the Model Courts and Courts in Partnership Program which started in 2000. The efforts now are aimed at ensuring sustainability of the achievement and their dissemination throughout the country because the courts have proven that they have built the capacity for innovation, monitoring the changes and distribution of the good practices. виж още

The system of complaints and signals against judicial misconduct in the courts – review of the curre

The Program for the Development of the Judicial System implemented the project The system of complaints and signals against judicial misconduct in the courts – review of the current situation and analysis of best practices in Europe. The project is funded by the MATRA/KAP Programme of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and its duration is 6 months. Its goal is to assist with the improvement of the current system of complaints and signals against judicial misconduct through an in-depth analysis of the existing legislation and practices and through establishing the best European practices. виж още