Participation of children in the AWAY project activities provoked the interest of the local commissions for combating antisocial behaviour of minors


Representatives of the local commissions, inspectors from the Children's Police Service and heads of the Public Support Centers gathered on June 28, 2018 in Pamporovo at the VI National Scientific and Practical Conference "Children's Justice and Children's Rights". The Forum, organized by the municipality of Asenovgrad and partners, gathered over 80 specialists from all over the country working with children. The reason for the discussion was the child justice draft legislation, put on the table for discussion for several months and which was presented by the former Deputy Minister of Justice, Verginia Micheva. виж още

The child advisory board on AWAY project sent messages to representatives of the institutions involved with the implementation of children's justice in Bulgaria


Over the last two months, the work of the young people who are members of the AWAY project advisory board focuses on the preparation of an information campaign aimed at popularizing among their peers the diversion as an effective approach to the implementation of child justice. виж още

The PDJS started the development of Unified Procedures for Legal Aid


The Program for the Development of the Judicial System Association started implementation of the service "Developing Unified Procedures for Legal Aid /judicial phase/ and of Clear Criteria and Approaches to Admissibility of Legal Aid /judicial phase/ for persons under Art. 22 of the Legal Aid Act, including for persons from vulnerable groups and development of a mechanism for the official collection of information on the social status of the eligible persons" under Project BG05SFOP001-3.001-0020 "Strategic Reforms in the National Bureau for Legal Aid ". виж още


Program for the Development of the Judicial System is an independent non-governmental organization working to promote the rule of law in Bulgaria.
Its mission is to introduce new practices that help the judiciary function as an effective and transparent institution which administers justice in a high-quality and predictable manner.
The goal of the organization is to support the judiciary so that it can receive a deserved recognition for its work at the European level and respond to the high expectations of the Bulgarian citizens.